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Hi, my name is Brent Clark and I like to go outside! I live in Madison, WI and travel all over the United States to experience the top-notch natural beauty this part of earth has to offer. On those travels I find it very fulfilling to take digital photographs ranging from documenting great sights and experiences to creating artistic interpretations of what I see with my eyes and experience through my other senses.

I've been at it for several years now and have found that my interests with regards to locations, styles, techniques, and moods are a moving target and change quite a bit over time. That makes it difficult to describe my entire photographic journey all at once, but I can at least say that right now I tend to be drawn to the western part of the United States, and I tend to like creative images of nature that highlight textures, patterns, details, and the moods of the earth. My interest in photography itself has ranged from unhealthily obsessed to water-y eyed joy to annoyance to indifference to having the time of my life. It can seem like a roller coaster than I just keep coming back to. Being creative makes me feel alive, and nature photography in particular has been a wonderful confluence of exercise, technical skill, willpower, creativity, solitude, mindfulness, relaxation, adrenaline, and fun that I have not found doing anything else.

I edit my images in photoshop, but assure you that my images aren't "photoshopped," if you know what I mean. I use it to adjust and emphasize tones and colors, and to improve visual flow by removing minor distractions, cropping, and the occasional small warps or stretches. Most of my images depict a pretty accurate rendition of a slice of space and time that really happened. The more fantastical images are usually done through via modifying existing colors and tones rather than adding light or elements that did not exist. This can be a divisive topic among photographers and viewers, and I say live and let live as long as you're honest!

Other than photography, my interests include music (I play bass guitar in a power metal band named "Lords of the Trident"), fitness, meditation, reading, thinking, computer stuff, and being a husband, friend, and dog owner.

Thanks for reading and for visiting my website! Using the links at the top of the page, check out my image galleries, and if you like what you see you can support me by buying a print, supporting me on Patreon, subscribing to my newsletter, and following me on social media.

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