Wisconsin - Brent Goes Outside
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About Time!

Nine Springs Creek - Madison, WI

Hope everybody's been enjoying this awesome weather as much as I have (lots of biking and running)! I think I speak for all of us in Wisconsin that it's about freakin' time for spring. Friday night I took a walk in this park and noticed how beautiful it was - every spring I am shocked by the green after seeing white and brown for so many months. I love that early in the spring, all the plants look so fresh and nice since they haven't been weathered down by the world and they aren't overgrown yet. This winter and spring hasn't been great for photos, so I had quite an itch to go take some. Because I am a crazy person, I decided to wake up before 5am on Saturday morning to check out this spot. I was really fortunate to have pretty good conditions (I am a sucker for golden light hitting fog) and am glad I was able to make a halfway decent photo!

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