About - Brent Goes Outside

Hi, my name is Brent Clark and I like to go outside!

I've been creating digital photographs of nature for several years now. It's difficult to succinctly describe my entire journey because I've found that my interests change regularly with regards to locations, styles, techniques, and moods. I can at least say that I tend to be drawn to the western part of the United States, and in my images I like to emphasize beauty, drama, details, grandeur, and awesome moments. Nature photography has been a wonderful confluence of creativity, technical skill, willpower, exercise, solitude, relaxation, and adrenaline that I have not found doing anything else. More than anything, it just makes me feel alive!

In addition to photography, my interests include music (I play bass guitar in a power metal band named "Lords of the Trident"), fitness, meditation, reading, thinking, computer stuff, and being a husband, friend, and dog owner. I live in Madison, Wisconsin.

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