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Appalachian Artery

Great Smoky Mountains NP (TN)

More exciting announcements! I am going to have another photography gallery! It's been a year and a half since my last one. Starting July 2nd, 10 of my photos will be hung in the Industrious coworking space (where I temporarily work) on the 5th floor of 25 W Main St in Madison, WI. This one will have a sun theme - all photos either have the sun in them or feature the fascinating way it plays with earth's features. A few of them will be brand new photos I have never published (due to laziness, but for the purposes of this announcement we'll call it "exclusivity"). I am particularly excited about this gallery because I meticulously printed each photo by hand in my home with a fancy new photo printer (as opposed to sending them off to a printing service). This way, I was able to do a lot of testing, proofing, and learning to ensure the prints look exactly as I want them. Now, I can call them "fine art" prints and I am pretty proud of the results.

Naturally, this photo will be included. Rivers are the lifeblood of the Great Smoky Mountains and I found them to be beautiful, soothing, inspiring, and fascinating photography subjects. Precious nutrients are transferred from the sky, to the mountaintops, and flow down toward the life at the bottom, resulting in a very active and lush environment. There are over 10,000 types of plants and animals here that depend on clean water one way or another. It was humbling to watch the water rush by and think about where it came from and where it is going.

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Captured: October 2017
Camera: Nikon D610
Lens: Nikon 16-35 f/4
Settings: ISO640, 18mm, f/11, 0.6 sec

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