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Serenity Now

Isle Royale National Park, MI

!!! ATTENTION !!! My gallery event is going to be August 2nd from 4:30-6:30pm at 25 W. Main St, 5th floor, Madison, WI. I will give a little talk and answer any questions at 6:00pm. There'll be snacks and beverages. Hope to see you there!!

This is yet another photo that is in the gallery. It was taken in Isle Royale, which is a 40 mile long island in Lake Superior. We took a 7 hour boat ride from northern Minnesota to the east side of the island, which was pretty rough and some people fed the fish. On the way back, a guy got serious hypothermia and the rest of the ride was nauseating as well. Other than that, it was a wonderful place to be! We backpack camped for a few nights in very secluded and beautiful areas, and hiked many miles between each camp. There were fresh berries you could eat right off the trails, and I saw a HUGE moose. The park has a really peaceful vibe because of its difficulty to get to and the fact that you can't go many places on the island without a lot of hiking. It's tough to describe, but those that have experienced a serene place like this for extended periods of time know the types of learning, reflections, and epiphanies you can have when you give your mind a rest from the business of everyday life. We definitely intend to come back and explore more parts of the island.

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Captured: August 2017
Camera: Nikon D610
Lens: Nikon 16-35 f/4
Settings: ISO50, 16mm, f/16, 1/5, 1/3, and 1/13 sec exposures blended

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