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Labor of Luck

Mt. Rainier National Park (WA)

This is a single exposure.

At times I feel like an extraordinarily lucky person. It's ridiculous when I stop and think about it, and sometimes I wonder if I am actually a brain in a vat somewhere that is hooked up to a machine that makes the brain experience certain amazing and unlikely narratives. I was born in a time and place that is unusually safe from violence, war, disease, and oppression and unusually rich with freedom, individualism, and opportunity. And don't get me started on how lucky I am to have caring parents and systemic privileges afforded to those that look, speak, and think a certain way.

More tangibly, I have a good job that pays enough to cover the bills and have plenty of fun on the side. I was able to travel across the country in just a few hours! Then I was able visit a good friend, rent a car, get the very last campsite in a popular spot, hike up a mountain with my healthy legs, meet more friends I had previously only known via a powerful electronic global network, and then stand in front of this scene with very capable photography equipment. Isn't that ridiculous!? Like, I couldn't have dreamed of all these great things, given a blank slate.

Thank you to whatever put all this together... and just a suggestion - maybe spread of it around a bit more to others, too? My intention is not to brag, but to call to attention that I recognize these things I have been given for no particular reason other than luck of the draw. I have a lot of guilt about the fact that many people do not get many of these luxuries, so I try to maintain that perspective and remain grateful.

I believe that the best photographers (and people in general) are the ones that approach any situation with an open mind and are creative with any conditions. They have a strong sense of wonder and recognize that every moment is worthwhile and valuable, and then record both what they are seeing and feeling. They can make great photos if it's too sunny, not sunny enough, in the rain or snow, at any time of year given the right tools and mindset. However, sometimes you just get really damn lucky. That's what most hope for, and that's what happened to me here. Life and photography are both a labor of love, and a labor of luck.

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Captured: September 2018
Camera: Nikon D610
Lens: Nikon 16-35 f/4
Settings: ISO125, 18mm, f/11, 1/4 sec

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