California - Brent Goes Outside
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Milky Way Over the Racetrack

Death Valley National Park (CA)

You’ve probably seen this one before - it’s one of my most popular photos! I decided it was about time for a facelift, so I re-edited to to align a bit better with my current tastes. Also, this one is going to be sent out as a mobile wallpaper for my patrons on patreon! If you’re interested in supporting my work and would like monthly digital wallpapers, please consider signing up for just $1/month at

It takes quite a while to get to this location, because it’s in the middle of nowhere after a long paved road, and then a long unpaved road made of jagged rocks. I rented a jeep to get here, and after driving the entire paved road section, realized I forgot my wide angle lens in the car. I hauled ass 46 miles back to the car, got my lens, and drove 46 smooth miles and then 26 more slow, bumpy miles to the racetrack. By my count that’s a total of 164 total miles I spent just getting here! I somehow found this spot later that night in the pitch black. I’ve learned a lot of lessons since then!

This is a blend of two photos taken one after another - one is a 5 minute exposure for the ground and one is a 30 second exposure for the sky.

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Captured: February 2015
Camera: Nikon D610
Lens: Nikon 16-35 f/4
Settings (sky exposure): ISO3200, 16mm f/4, 30 sec
Settings (ground exposure): ISO1600, 16mm, f/4, 300 sec

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