California - Brent Goes Outside
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Undying, Everliving

Death Valley National Park (CA)

Hey all, just a reminder that my gallery at the Bos Meadery in Madison will be up for THREE more evenings! I'll be taking it down Saturday morning. If you'd like to see some of my best photos printed large in an awesome gallery setting, you should swing on by! This photo is included.

I love to photograph sand dunes because they come in cool shapes that make interesting swoopy lines, and they catch light really well. The tough part is that there is a very narrow window of time to photograph them in this kind of light, right around sunrise and sunset - I'm talking minutes or even seconds. Additionally, they're tough to walk on. It's like walking on the beach or through snow, except for everything is a giant hill. Worth it though!

I'll leave you with my favorite quote about sand. It is brilliantly written and delivered in Star Wars Episode II: "I don't like sand. It's course, rough, irritating, and it gets everywhere." Wow, that's deep.

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