Colorado - Brent Goes Outside
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Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

Yet another photo I took on the Bear Lake Trail in RMNP. Seriously, I was in the park for maybe 4 hours and I probably got 5ish usable images. What an incredible morning. I remember huffing and puffing up the completely uphill trail and promising to myself that I wouldn't stop to take any more photos because I wanted the best light possible on the lakes and mountains at the end of the trail. Well, when I saw this overlook I immediately broke that promise :)

This is the first image I've made in a few weeks (the others I've posted recently were already completed in my backlog). Since I've been refining things that are important to me and simplifying my life a little bit, photography took a back seat. It's a pretty big time commitment. I had a lot of fun making this image, which should help snap me out of my funk. I have some big plans already this year - not just landscapes!

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