Colorado - Brent Goes Outside
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Poudre Canyon

Bellvue, CO

This was at the very end of a long week in Colorado. The first half of the week I drove around the entire state and attempted to take photos of the fall colors on the mountains, but had a rough time. The second half of the week I was with my band. We played a show and went to a lot of networking events day after day. Though I am very grateful for that experience and had a lot of fun, when we drove out to the Mishawaka amphitheatre and I saw what the surrounding landscape looked like, "nature called."

Joe and I were tired of sitting around inside listening to people talk, so we decided to go on a hike. "Hey, wanna hike up that mountain full of thorns and rattlesnakes without telling anyone?" "Absolutely." It was harder than it looked. We ended up getting back a little late and perhaps annoyed a few people (I'm still really sorry about that). Despite that, everything turned out ok and it was extremely refreshing to get a unique vantage point of some Colorado mountains under a blue sky.

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