Colorado - Brent Goes Outside
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The Black Canyon

Cedar Point at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park - Colorado, USA

Here's another re-edit of an old favorite from 2014.

Click on this photo to view it on black! It's got a darker feel so the details come out much better on black.
I'm gonna start by saying this is one of the most badass national parks. It's absolutely breathtaking. The canyon known for being very deep, very narrow, very steep, and very treacherous. In fact, there isn't a lot to do in the park other than drive around its rim because if you try to raft down the river or rock climb, you'll probably have a bad time. The river loses elevation nearly 4 times faster than the Colorado river (of Grand Canyon fame). The rock face on the right side is called "Painted Wall", and it is 2,250 feet tall, about twice the size of the Empire State Building. The striations in the rock are the park's "logo" and one section sorta looks like a cool dragon - made of volcanic pegmatite rock. Because it's so narrow (40 feet at its narrowest), some parts receive only 33 minutes of sun per day. That's one reason it's called a Black Canyon. If you're on the south rim, it would take around 3 hours of driving to drive to the north rim. The entire canyon is 53 miles long. It gained National Park status very recently in 1999.
Ok, whew, sorry for nerding out there about the canyon. I just think it's an incredible piece of landscape and is very underrated. Most of the day it was cold and rainy. At one point I was even hailed on and saw the storm approach me through the canyon, which was very cool... in a painful kind of way.

Camera: Nikon D610
Lens: Nikon 16-35mm
Settings: ISO100, 18mm, f/14, 0.4sec

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