Colorado - Brent Goes Outside
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You Win Some You Lose Some

Maroon Bells (CO)

You might already be familiar with these mountains - this is one of the most photographed scenes ever. On a typical morning, there could be 30 photographers with tripods lined up here to take a photo. Not super original, but pretty breathtaking nonetheless. It wasn't too out of our way (other than having to leave the most comfy bed ever) so I wanted to check it out. The trees were perfect with peak fall colors (win). Unfortunately the clouds didn't play nice and I never got to see the peaks of the mountains (loss). There must have been good light behind them, since there was a dull pink glow coming from them for a couple minutes.

Last year I was still pretty bummed with how this photo turned out so I kinda did a half-ass edit and threw this one out there, at least just to document that I'd been there. I actually got a lot of really positive feedback on it throughout the year, so I decided to give this one another go. I've come a long way with my photo editing in the last year, and I'm much more satisfied with this version. Enjoy :)

Camera: Nikon D610
Lens: Nikon 16-35mm
Settings: ISO100, 30mm, f/14, 3.0sec

More photos and prints available at!

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