KY/NC/TN - Brent Goes Outside
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Big Creek

Great Smoky Mountains NP (TN) Although the Smokies are best known for its namesake mountains, the rivers in the park fuel the extremely diverse and dense plant life in the park. According to QT Loung in his book “Treasured Lands”, there are 3500 plant species, and 130 different kinds of trees which are almost as many as all of Europe. A single tree can give off almost 1000 gallons of water on a day, which is a large contributor to the “smokiness” of the mountains. Here is one such river. Although not a ton of fall color, the trees were most vibrant next to the rivers and there was still a lot of green, which I will take over brown. Photographing these rivers were kind of like photographing a several mile long waterfall - there are so many opportunities for compositions when you’re ok with getting a little wet and doing some scurrying along rocks and logs. It took me a couple hours to go just a couple miles, since I was stopping every 50 feet or so! More photos and prints available at! Follow me on instagram at ! Thanks for looking. Captured: October 2017 Camera: Nikon D610 Lens: Nikon 16-35mm f/4 Settings: ISO100, 32mm, f/11, 2.5 sec

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