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A Rose By Any Other Name...

Rose Lake, Hocking Hills State Park (OH)

Ok, we all know that's a terrible title, but I can explain! The famous Shakespeare quote ends with "... would smell as sweet." When I was telling people I was traveling, they'd ask me where I was going. When I said I was going to Ohio, most people's faces would bunch up, or they'd say "oh... ok... well have fun". I totally get what they're coming from - when you think of Ohio, you think of crappy dirty cities right? Right. Well, think of this as an extrapolation of my quest here in Wisconsin to show everybody that the midwest has some amazing and beautiful nature. So this beautiful lake is called "Rose Lake", and if the name of the state it was in was any different, it would "smell as sweet." Get it? Get it? Aw screw it, I hate naming photos.

Anyway, my trip to Ohio was really awesome and I'm excited to show you guys more photos. I visited Hocking Hills State Park and Cuyahoga Valley National Park right around peak fall colors. Yes, Ohio has a national park. The landscape reminded me a lot of Wisconsin. Fairly flat in most places, but in other places there are beautiful canyons of soft rock carved by rivers, creating great waterfalls and cascades. As a photographer friend of mine said "every state has its spots."

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