Ohio - Brent Goes Outside
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The Color and the Shape

Quarry Rock Falls - Cleveland, OH

Now that I'm done with some other photographic and musical obligations for the year, I can start pumping out more landscape photos, yay! This is the last thing I took photos of in Ohio this fall. It was a little bit out of the way, but I sure am glad I came here. The fall colors were peaking, and playing around on this waterfall was really fun! I forgot my waders on this trip. so I just walked around in the water in my shoes and socks. There were a ton of waterfalls to climb next to and up and all over.

This is a panorama of 5 vertical images (and yes the curve of the river was shaped that way, it wasn't just from the stitching). Title borrowed from the Foo Fighters album.
Nikon D610 - f/14, 16mm, 1s, ISO100

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