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Desert Beacon

Here is a night-time photo of the milky way rising up above El Capitan, the 10th highest peak in Texas. It's located in Guadalupe Mountains National Park. It's loomed over a lot of varied history over the years, from pioneers traveling westward to bloody wars. This region even used to be a limestone reef that was completely under water! It's located in an interesting part of the country that is a blend of the southern desert, the great plains, and the rocky mountains, resulting in a unique mixture of many plants and animals. There are sand dunes, coniferous forests, deciduous forests, desert, and mountains all in one area.

Right behind it is the actual tallest peak in Texas, Guadalupe Peak at 8,751 ft. Alyssa and I hiked to the top of it and backpacked nearby. There is a weird metal pyramid up there that was put there by American Airlines to commemmorate an old stagecoach route. It was a tough hike for us, having to carry heavy backpacks with nothing but elevation gain, but it was worth it! It's cool to see the back of El Capitan and the expanse of desert it watches over from up there. We've been to 22 National Parks together now :)

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Captured: February 2017
Camera: Nikon D610
Lens: Nikon 16-35mm f/4
Settings: ISO400, 16mm, f/11, 30sec for the ground. The sky was taken 45 minutes later at ISO3200 with the same settings.

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