Prints - Brent Goes Outside

Hey there.

Since you clicked this page, I imagine you have at least some inkling to support me by buying a print. That would be totally awesome! You can do so by sending me an email with the size and material you'd like printed:

brent [at]

I'm gonna level with you, because being honest and being genuine is #1 in my book:

Photography is a hobby and a passion of mine, but at this time I don't use it to put food on the table. Because of that, I promise you that I'm not making much money selling prints, and the markup is very low. To me, it's totally an honor that you like my art enough that you'd put it on your wall.

In order to travel to the far-away places I love, with the photography gear necessary to take these photos, it costs money. I promise that I'll put every cent I make toward making more photos. If I don't make a dime, that's cool too. I do this primarily for me. It gets me out of the house, makes me feel alive, and it gets me inspired.

Thank you.

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